Meetup for Legal Practitioners  

1) CA / CS Only. 

2) Advocates / Lawyers Only. 

3) CA + CS + Advocates.

4) CA + CS + Advocates + Bankers.

# How to join it?
To sign-up for Ozgian Events, please email your visiting card to: membership@ozgian.com

# How does it work?
This is not only 1-2 hours good time meetup, team Ozgian also get you an opportunity to interact with other participants at virtual platform as per your schedule and choice as soon as you complete the few simple steps of sign-up. Entire event is set to run by innovative ideas. Unlike other meetups, here we assign a different volunteer role to every participant, so that you can be able to make a good time for yourself right from your confirmation day to event day.

# Location:
Mostly Online except small regional meetup.

# Schedule: 
This will be updated as per the events, usually on weekends or on public holidays.

# Freebies: 
Yes from Ozg and Organizing Partners.

# Thematic 'good time' events -

*#1* ) Where you'd love to spend your time-off and unwind yourself from hectic schedule.    

*#2* ) Become a part of Ozgian Cohort Building activities.   

*#3* ) Meet and network with new professionals from different places.   

*#4* ) Present yourself and share about your journey in legal career and lifestyle. 

*#5* ) Recognize your leadership skills and share inspiring success with fellow professionals.   

*#6* ) Get an opportunity to become a tech savvy legal professional.   

*#7* ) Get an opportunity to work on your image management as per fashion and trends.    

# Have questions about Ozgian Meetup? 
Go through FAQ or Email to: event@ozgian.com 

# FAQ: 

Q. Can I bring my friend or partner in meetup?
*A*. Yes, if he/she is a legal professional or practitioner (prior registration will be required).

Q. Is there any age band?
*A*. Sometimes yes but not always. 

Q. Is there any Dress Code?
*A*. No, but our 'dress code manager' will still guide you.

Q. What will be the male / female ratio in meetup?
*A*. This is an invite only events so organizers i.e. Ozgians will try to equate it as per location and availability.