Meetup for Legal Practitioners  

1) CA / CS Only. 

2) Advocates / Lawyers Only. 

3) CA + CS + Advocates.

# How to join it?
To sign-up for Ozgian Events, please email your visiting card to: event@ozgian.com

# Location:
Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata and Bangalore.

# Schedule: 
This will be updated as per the events, usually on weekends or on public holidays.

# Freebies: 
Yes from Ozg and Organizing Partners.

# Thematic 'good time' events -

*#1* ) Where you'd love to spend your time-off and unwind yourself from hectic schedule.    

*#2* ) Become a part of Ozgian Cohort Building activities.   

*#3* ) Meet and network with new professionals from different places.   

*#4* ) Present yourself and share about your journey in legal career and lifestyle. 

*#5* ) Recognize your leadership skills and share inspiring success with fellow professionals.   

*#6* ) Get an opportunity to become a tech savvy legal professional.   

*#7* ) Get an opportunity to work on your image management as per fashion and trends.    

# Have questions about Ozgian Meetup?

Go through FAQ at below or Email to: event@ozgian.com 


Q. What will be the crowd size?
*A*. minimum 30 to 60 and maximum no. depends on venues.

Q. Can I bring my friend or partner in meetup?
*A*. Yes, if he/she is a legal professional or practitioner (prior registration will be required).

Q. Is there any age band?
*A*. Sometimes yes but not always. 

Q. Is there any Dress Code?
*A*. No.

Q. What will be the male / female ratio in meetup?
*A*. This is an invite only events so organizers i.e. Ozgians will try to equate it as per location and availability.

Q. Refreshments will be Veg / Nonveg or both?
*A*. Veg only.